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canada goose outlet Bus drivers no drugs or alcohol in his system, when he hit the road and crashed into a tree, killing six primary school students, police said on Wednesday.
Officer of Chattanooga, Austin Garrett said, toxicology tests Johnthony walker, 24, driver now 5 vehicles in prison murder charges.
Late Wednesday, the police sent a tweet say one 6 of the injured children died in a car accident.
Federal authorities say walker from the specified bus routes, driven to a curved road and carrying 37 from Woodmore elementary school children are on the way home.
Police say he drove more than 30 miles per hour restrictions,canada goose jacket he lost control of the bus and crashed into a tree. The children stay in the hospital.
The national transportation safety board chairman Christopher a. hart said,canada goose expedition parkas it's not clear why the driver left walker designated routes and drove the bus Talley road.
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"We are exploring is one of the things that he did, and B, if so, why?" Hart said.
He walker says, he has no criminal record,canada goose outlet jacket has been at the center of the amazon to complete a second job, and part of the organization's survey will look at whether the fatigue played a role.
The NTSB will also introduce expert analysis of video and audio recording bus indoor camera debris damage on Monday.
Police's controversial claims a woman driver asked the children,canada goose parka if they "death" in the wreck. Jasmine Mateen, the 6 year old daughter was dead, said one of her two surviving children told her about the driver on the bus.
However, Garrett said at a news conference on Wednesday: "I don't want to be very clear. And we bear witness to the contact information or provide directly to our survey."
He said, adding that investigators have not interview with children on the bus, require any additional information to the police it.
Three children were killed in grade four, one in grade one and another in the kindergarten, kirk said kelly, temporary Hamilton county. Sixth child's age and identity was not immediately released. A makeshift memorial poles, they grow up holding the toy bear, flowers, and dozens of balloons.
Family remember they are fun,canada goose outlet parka happy children too fast.
D 'Myunn brown adults like to play tricks. 6 years of age will take phone,canada goose kensington parka hide it, and then giggle, bat his big brown eyes.
"This is to let he is beautiful, he is sweet as him," said his grandmother, Winifred bray. "I still numb. I still can't believe he's gone."
LaFrederick Thirkill remembered his 9 years old cousin, Cordayja Jones, a girl likes to dress up and hug.
Thirkill elementary school principals in the orchard knob,canada goose outlet sale Cordayja attend before changing Woodmore elementary school.
She is a polite girl, he said. Although he is her cousin, she told him, "Mr Thirkill" when she saw him in the corridor.
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